KÇS Kipaş Gazbeton, an incorporation of KÇS Kipaş Çimento (KÇS),  which was established by KİPAŞ Holding in 2006, started its aerated concrete production in 2013. KÇS Kipaş Gazbeton Kahramanmaraş Facility, which was established with the latest technological facilities of the period, has a production capacity of 450.000 m3. KÇS Kipaş Gazbeton made its second Gas Concrete Production Facility investment in Aydın Söke with a capacity of 700,000 m3 in 2019, increasing its gas concrete production capacity to 1,150,000 m3 in total. Kipaş Holding and KÇS, sustaining their pioneering mission in every field they invest in, also started the production of reinforced aerated concrete at the Söke Facility in the same year. KÇS, which currently carries out cement and aerated concrete production activities in an area of 756.000 m2 on the highway of the Gaziantep-Narlı highway toll booths in the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş province, continues its cement, aerated concrete and concrete production activities with its facilities located in 7 provinces and employs approximately 1000 people in its facilities. KÇS employs approximately 1,000 people. 

With millions of pores in its structure, it is a modern lightweight, flexible, earthquake and fire-resistant building material with high thermal insulation value.

High Thermal Insulation

Sound Performance

A1 Class Fire Resistance




Quick and Easily Workability


Lightness and Earthquake Resistance

To get more detailed information about our KÇS Kipaş Gazbeton Company visit www.kcs.com.tr

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