Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We attach importance to human rights, working conditions, environmental and ethical issues in all areas in which we operate.

Kipaş Holding; It carries out production, research and development and quality control activities in Textile, Cement, Paper, Energy, Education and Agriculture sectors. Occupational Health and Safety Units have been established in our locations belonging to all the sectors we operate; With 11 Workplace Physicians, 23 Occupational Safety Specialists and 30 Other Health Personnel; Based on the sensitivity we show to the health and safety of our employees, we serve 24/7. Kipaş Holding accepts as the basic principles of Occupational Health and Safety to comply with legal, international regulations and customer requirements in all sectors in which it operates, to create safe working environments with the participation of all employees, to create healthy individuals and healthy workforce.

Within the framework of these basic principles; In order to adopt our Occupational Health and Safety principles, we continue to develop trainings and activities for our employees and sub-employer / supplier company employees, visitors, interns, to determine and implement the necessary measures to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases, to create a culture of Occupational Health and safety and to become a lifestyle. To eliminate the dangers that may arise from activities, to determine and implement protection measures by reducing health and safety risks, to use safe equipment and appropriate technologies for a healthy and safe working environment, To reach these goals by planning measurable targets for continuous improvement.

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