Training and DevelopmentThere is a rapid change and development in all the world's companies, especially in sectors like textile, cement, paper, energy, education, logistics, where Kipaş Holding operates. Keeping up with these changes and developments depends on qualified personnel. Kipaş Akademi, which sets out with this basic idea, prepares and implements in-house training plans in order to train and develop its personnel, and to employ them in a sustainable, innovative and efficient manner.

 Among our goals in line with our company values; 

  • Being a continuous learner, 
  • Increasing work and labor productivity, 
  • Increasing motivation, orientation, orientation training processes that enable all new employees to adapt to the corporate culture and their teammates, to the job, and to acquire the attitude and knowledge required by the job, to acquire the mental and physical skills, thus creating a sense of belonging to the institution by feeling themselves important as soon as possible, ensuring their adaptation to the job and the institution are aimed.

 For a human-oriented profession to add value to your business;

  • Human first! 
  • Health first! 
  • Work Safety first! 
  • And then, the job!
  • To ensure that occupational diseases and occupational accidents are minimized by planning and implementing Occupational Health and Safety trainings
  • To provide knowledge and skills to fulfill their duties and to ensure that they are documented in necessary professional fields
  • By monitoring technological developments, focusing on innovations and world trends, increasing the level of knowledge and adapting to new technologies 
  • Increasing the qualifications of our employees by providing personal, technical and quality trainings with the trainings our personnel attended as part of their career planning, and ensuring that they are competent in their jobs.
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